The studio, immersed in nature, gives Dario inspiration and ideas for future creations.

Behind every artifact there is a story, a definite job. At the Chemin des artisans you will discover the world of artisans and be guided through the local traditions, the techniques of woodworking, materials used and shown the passion that unites all the artisans of Valle d'Aosta.

The Chemin des artisans is an itinerary whose stages are all the ateliers of the artisans who open their doors to the public and among them, Dario allows visits to his atelier through telephone reservation.

You're Welcome

The pieces are restricted and the series’ that are created are therefore limited and numbered. An example of this are the wooden crucifixes that have a unique serial number from 1 to 199, supported by hand-written certificate which guarantees authenticity.

The original model used for each piece is first made in clay. Then, the matrices are created with either silicone or plaster, and then the prototype is realised in resin or bronze. From this prototype, a 1:2 production is then possible thanks to a lathe follower.

Once the reproductions are created, they are finished and detailed by hand, one by one in Dario’s quest for perfection.

The courses

The sculpture courses that I organise take place in my Atelier. My personal challenge is to be able to give my students sufficient skills to act independently and to create a compact group to whom I can transfer my knowledge.

The courses that I organise for the children give me a particular satisfaction: the children, in fact, thanks to their imagination, produce the most uniquely amazing shapes just from looking at a simple wooden board.

And Joel, the son of Dario and a small craftsman himself, so passionate about sculpture is also quick to showcase his savoir-faire in the matter.