Dario, born in Aosta on the 1st of September 1962, showed a passion for wood crafts and in particular sculpturing, since he was 20 years old. In 1982, Dario decided to attend the Sculpture in Exnex school of maestro Franco Crestani, then the maestro Siro Vierin school in Pollein, and went on to participating for the first time at the Fair of Sant'Orso later that year. The teachings of the two maestro’s brought about an air of sophistication to Dario’s style which saw him quickly thrust upon the world stage of sculpture. In 2000, Dario decided to open a studio where you can find both sculptures that are reproduced in series, and those that are unique pieces. The studio, immersed in nature, allows him the peace and tranquility to find the inspiration for his original pieces. Dario's style can be defined as eclectic but at the same time one that is capable of satisfying his customers' requests. It is not a classic style but one which is influenced by his own realism and supplemented by Dario’s unique take on Dadaism ideals. From 2007, he has held the role as the President of the Sculptors' Association of Valle d'Aosta (ASIV).

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