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It is essential to search for ever-new forms to be applied to the processing of each piece as in the case of Crib of the Heart which was designed by the "shape of the circle" and the Medievals Tatà .

The snail is the symbol of the Coquillard processing, a subject chosen by Dario’s uncle Ugo, more than 20 years ago. The first piece by Dario was commissioned when he was still attending the school of Sculpture of Siro Vierin, and represented precisely two twisted snails - from here, his career began.

The fundamental themes of Dario’s pieces refer to the everyday life of his surroundings, but also of his past. What is produced more frequently are pieces that are relate to Dario's childhood and are therefore laden with memories and sensations. The pieces mainly represent the mountains, cows, goats, hens of his home, but also subjects related to his ideas of religiosity. All the pieces are made from local wood - hardwoods like that of the walnut tree or fruit trees, such as cherry trees that have veins that vary from purple to blue or from brown to red, drawing very particular nuances.

Dario often gives further originality to his works by combining wood and stone together, with the aim of calling on the natural, yet rustic influences of the world around him.